Before We Begin…

I’d rather be a “has-been” than a “might-have-been” by far. For a “might-have-been” has NEVER been, but a “has” was once and “are.” 

Well, I’m HERE!

I feel like the 10 year old girl that shows up to the sleepover dressed in sweats and all the other girls have been there for 4 hours, are already paired up in little couplings, dressed up in their pretend dresses, and doing the finishing touches on each others hair and make up.

What I’m trying to say here is…am I too late to the “Blog” party?

Either way “I’m doing this thang!” and I’m so glad y’all are going to be a part of it! I have felt SO pushed by my higher power who I call Heavenly Father, and YOU for the last 5 years to do a blog… and stubborn me took “THAT” long to listen. So here we go.

If you promise to-

  • honestly comment
  • share when prompted
  • give good constructive feedback

I promise to give you the most RAW and REAL edition of-

  • my opinion and thoughts on ANYTHING
  • what I “believe” in
  • what I know to be true
  • what I’m still learning
  • what I’ve experienced first hand.


“Let’s Do This.”

Love y’all,


This unfairly attractive man is the ultimate side kick in anything I take on. If you know me, you know you’ll be learning A LOT about him also in this blog. I couldn’t do this without his support and I love him so much for standing by my side- even when I’m a hot mess. Love you Bran ❤



2 thoughts on “Before We Begin…

  1. Cherene Williamson October 10, 2017 — 2:22 pm

    Awesome!! I’m so excited to read about it all! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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