Procrastination: “A weakness I’ll work on EVENTUALLY.”



UsB+wbestbest-91I make plans, I get a few contacts lined up for some AMAZING interviews and blog writing/story telling… and then I take over half a YEAR to do ANYTHING concrete on my blog. Wow. I’ve now entered TYPICAL journal writing realms for many people!

“You know you’re doing it wrong when”

1) you start your post with an apology for taking so long to not post

2) you try and find some clever excuse as to why you didn’t get around to it to justify. When in all honesty I just didn’t want to give y’all low quality content and my kids and husband and life were requiring almost ALL my time and energy. (

3) You try and make up for it with a stellar post that will entertain/move/motivate/teach/uplift ALL at the same time to make up for “lost time”. 

So to skip all that hoopla we’ll just cut RIGHT to the meat! (Brandon often tells me that I love the “MEAT AND POTATOES” of life and would do well to enjoy the frosting and fruit of it also… Umm… hello honey? I “love” frosting! What are you talking about!? 😉
I’ll be on here eventually! Maybe even by August when Peter starts school! I just don’t want to make this PUBLIC until I am more regular and consistent in quality. I’m big into quality. *we’ll talk about that later*


Love Y’all,



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