Movie Review (10 yrs late)

“There will always be a part of me that is dirty and sloppy, but I like that, just like all the other parts of myself.”
-Tiffany Maxwell, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, 2012.

Wow. What a movie! Have you seen it? “Silver Linings Playbook.”
It came out in 2012, but of course ol’ “slow to the scene McGee” here just watched it for the first time tonight!


For me it was a show about mental health. *A really well done show about mental health.*

Sidebar: Someone keep checking on the writers and directors of this film. They have experienced some “ish.”

Bradly Cooper’s character “Pat” was a lot of things. Some of the words I would describe would be: childlike, illogical, passionate, intense, ritualistic, resilient, focused, rash, exhausting, exhausted.

Mostly, it was hard to watch him. The only issue was that I couldn’t take my eyes off on him in every scene either. So well done Bradly. Well done.

Jennifer Lawerences character “Tiffany” was my favorite. Complex, intelligent, volatile, candid, strong, passionate, forward thinking, hyper aware, out of control.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her either, but honestly a lot of it is because she is a stone cold fox whose talent is off the charts as an actress.

Robert Dineros character “Pat Sr.” Was the movies paradox. Strong and docile. Pleading and persistent. On top of his sons life while dismissing his own behaviors. Concise and explosive. Loyal and fickle.

I loved watching this “icon” act in such a “real” role. He did a very good job.

All the other supporting roles were congruent to the feel of the film. They had my eyes wide open. I wanted to hear their lines. I wanted to see them stay consistent because it was integral to the movies “wholeness.” *claps for everyone*

(Other notes)

So many scenes where the camera moved off center. Shook with feeling or transitioned too fast, or held frame too long. The zoom felt almost “comical,” or some angles “awkward.”

The music was placed and used “so” artistically. At one of the most intense emotional scenes of the movie, there was a gentle and soft almost (lulling) piano accompaniment.

The emotions were thick and either left to interpret fully without dialogue, or fully disclosed. Not a lot of in between. Very moving in hindsight.

Then. The dance scene at the end. That dance scene. That was movie magic. It was COMPLEX in artistry. It was the BEAUTY that can be found even in the most frayed, live wired brains in humanity. It was wholesome and kind of sexy.

I feel silly saying I don’t want to give away too many details of the movie because it is 10 years old. However, you might be reading this, and have never seen it still. So just in case. No spoilers.

I never said I’d always be inspiring with my writing. I said I’d only put it out if I feel inspired. This movie got my wheels turning! Go watch it and let me know what it did to you!

It did what great MOVE-EES do. MOVE-D me.

What moves you sweet thing?

Love in.

Love out.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review (10 yrs late)

  1. I always like it when the movie is good enough to create in me a state of suspended disbelief, where I’m able to take myself out of the director’s chair, or the editor’s booth, etc. I love to get immersed in the movie to where my emotions are moved to sometimes very uncomfortable places (but not too uncomfortable to where I’ll leave the theater or change the streaming service choice from my recliner.
    Just a note.
    Love your blog.


    1. I so love your responses! You give such good feedback! Thank you for taking time to read and consume my musings sweet thing! 🙂 You make sense to me!


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