Let’s do this damn thing.

Hey you,

I had a goal to write out my ”perfect moments” for the entire year of 2022. What a stupid idea that was. Why did I choose to start this during a worldwide, ever evolving pandemic? In the middle of my divorce- with who I “thought” was the love of my life of 10 years, while being a single mom to 3 children?

I think these factors along with others is EXACTLY why now is the right time to be recording my perfect moments.

I’ve committed and decided and when I get my heart set on something like this. It is something I’d like to see through to the end…. even if just for my own entertainment and curiosity serving purposes. So see this through I will. and in a VERY public way.

I decided this blog will be more of a daily journal. So if you REALLY want to know what goes on in my mind and heart, prepare to be “all the things” right along side me. I am a very FEELING person with a very active brain. I also have great big eyes for life and the people roaming in it. You’ll see that most of what fascinates me is YOU. All of us weird and unique and messy humans… just ”humaning” all over the place. Some are doing it with a lot of personal fulfillment. Others are living like they are lost even to themselves. I want this to be a safe place for you to see the lost and found parts of another human. (me) and hopefully that will spark thoughts inside of YOU which help you feel more FOUND and less LOST… and if anything, feel a little better about being lost because I am right there with you partner!

I thought about catching everyone up to speed with this last month (and some change) worth of a bullet point list of my ”perfect moments,” but they would be hard to explain, and look weird just written out in bullet point fashion. So instead I’ll start with TODAY (a very smart place to focus on) and introduce what a perfect moment means to me.

I’ve been practicing this ideology for YEARS. Over time and struggle, it has kind of fine tuned itself into a way I now am able to just ”see” things. I’m happy to share. It has changed my life and has led me to keep reaching for the light. That quest has helped me find “perfect moments”…even in my darkest times. I’ve had quiet a few of those dark times by now. So lets go. One day at a time… the only way we really can. 🙂

loving you from afar sweet thing,


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