Perfect Moments: Real Life Magic.

“There is great beauty in little things.” Mehmet Murat ildan


The whisper of fall on a late summer evening, as the air cools slightly while above you becomes a moving art piece of floating clouds and layered colors of orange, purple, blue, yellow, red… covering the vast canvas of sky.

That tension rising inside of your body as you lean in for that first soft, sweet, simple kiss with the person who has been giving you butterflies all night.

Hot feet covered in sand being cooled by the ever moving oceans water. The breeze on your face, the sound of birds flying above, while your feet slowly indent into the wet floor beneath as each pass of current flows back and forth sinking you further into the shoreline.

Your child’s perfect, big, smiling eyes looking up at you. Filling your entire being with love and connection…all without using a single word.

Snow falling in big fat pieces outside of your frosted window, as you are wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket, with a warm drink in your hand and a good book at your side.

The sound of someone you love laughing without reservation.

The buzz in your body after having sex that reminds you how very much alive you are.

That gulp of cold water after mowing your lawn on a warm spring day.

That exact moment when you lay into bed after an exhausting day and are SO comfortable you don’t want to move a single muscle.

The smell of fresh rain falling from overcast skies that somehow brightens the colors of every shade of green.

That first smile and rush exchanged between two loves reuniting after time apart from one another.

A perfectly clean, quiet, ambient home when the world is sleeping and you are the last one awake. The stillness.

That lit up feeling your heart and mind gets when a message “clicks in”- like a puzzle piece you’ve been searching for. Or as Oprah calls them: an “AH HAH!” moment.


I could go on. And I have for years now. Searching, studying, finding and trying to understand what makes a perfect moment happen. Asking myself questions like: How I can cultivate more of them? Can I have any control over them and when they happen? and when they do happen… how can I experience them as richly and presently as I can? This quest I’ve been on for years now, mixed with lots of smart, enlightened, fulfilled people I’ve learned from, books I’ve read, podcasts I’ve consumed, and time actually DOING this practice has caused me to find some answers. I want to share them ALL with you. *all in good time sweet thing*

“We never remember days, only moments.” – Cesare Pavese.

In these perfect moments, (they really are just “there and gone”) you’ll find a few contributing factors that are present EACH time you experience one. In future posts I will list some of those factors to help you see there “is” a loose and personalizable formula to this kind of real magic. And a source to it all. Once you know the formula and some of your special ingredients. It will become easier for your to find and even cultivate these experiences that make life truly feel “worth living.”

Perfect moments are free. They are everywhere. They are for everyone. They are often wordless. Encompassing. Fleeting. Filling. Memorable.

Your only job is to realize what makes a perfect moment… “perfect” for YOU. And then go out and collect as many as you can find.

Good luck sweet thing. I cant wait to hear about all that you find inside the universe of you and out there in this great, big, beautiful world we all call home.

Loving you,


Perfect Moments I believe is the act of experiencing this hard to identify power called: “LOVE” in all of its forms. We do not merely have a perfect moment that affects “one” part of us. It happens when the connection between ALL the parts that make us “alive.” experience it. A crash of senses, our minds awareness, our hearts flood, our bodies presence. It is love. Love is everywhere. Feel. Look. Quest. Find. Repeat. Forever.

“Sometimes, it’s the same moments that take your breath away that breathe purpose and love back into your life.” -Steve Maraboli

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