Time Travel

“You may return here once you have fully come to understand that you are always here.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

I will fight anyone who says the end scene of “Time Travelers Wife” is not one of the most ROMANTIC scenes in all of movie history! That part (I will try not to spoil) when Rachel McAdams character is seen running from the house, through the yard, and into the pasture- hoping she will see her “lost to time” love, for even just ONE minute… Like. Are you kidding me? Through make up streaked cheeks, puffy eyes, and a snotty sleeve I thought to myself: “THAT IS LOVE.” Timeless.

I like to hear every fiction authors “time travel” rules. There are so many variations. Is the character an onlooker like Ebenezer Scrooge was from the classic “A Christmas Carol.” Not affecting his own timeline, just learning from it as a third party witness? Or perhaps does the author want every small change in a timeline to matter for future projections like the writers of the screenplay turned movie: “The Butterfly Effect?” Questions needing to be answered for each set up like: Can they only go forward? Is it something they can control? Does the past change their future? Etc.

It’s all fascinating to me because anytime you incorporate time travel… you break one of the most binding, intangible forces humans operate with. Time. You become free of its (perhaps glasslike) imprisonment and are now outside of the clock face somehow. Running along the circular frame.

Time travel is not as sci-fi as you might quickly judge it to be. *I’ll prove it!* 🙂

Tell me a memory from when you were between 8-10 years old.

Give me details.

Take your time.

I am listening…

Right there. Parts of you traveled back. You might say its your mind, you might just call it memory. But what about the emotions that came from it? What about the lingering feelings connecting you right now to that same little person in the story? What has changed about you from that child? What is still inside of you that was inside of that child in the story? What future thoughts were on that child’s mind when they were living in their 8 year old body?

Do you remember, right now in the PRESENT… what the PAST you wanted for their FUTURE?

Trippy right? And that is just scratching the surface. But its fun to do. I like to find things that we get limited by, and question them. Learn about them. On the list of topics…Time is a biggun’

It is one that has captured my imagination and interest since I was a very young girl. It’s for sure multi layered, and just endlessly interesting. Funny right? Something so circular and finite as time having the depth and breadth of infinite possibility?

But hey, we’ll cover more “later.” 😉

Till next “time.”

Love in. Love out sweet thing.


“What happens is, when I perform, I’m somewhere else. I go back in time and get in touch with who I really am.” -Etta James.

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