“Moving Things”

How’s this for a strong statement? I think all things are moving things. Nothing has ever been stationary. From the largest thing we know of- a galaxy full of universes orbiting, to the smallest atom particle found vibrating as a piece of any living or non living object.

Consistent movement will be found.

Maybe one of the smartest things we could do is to embrace the fact that nothing has ever been stationary. So to expect things to “stay” or “not change” is to expect great disappointment at every turn. This is a hopeful and painful view. But I think it is accurate to what actually “is.” Accepting this truth means our magical perfect moments will not last. It’s opposite is that the dark and painful moments will not last either. All things can, and do, always change.

I used some of my typical “no no” words in these last two paragraphs so you know I mean it. (Always, Nothing, Any, Never, All, Every…etc)

And now, a poem I wrote 8 months ago which touches on this idea.

Dark thoughts come in, and then they go out.

Light ones come in, and then they go out.

Why don’t the ones I want stay and fill me up?

So there is no more room in my heart and head cup?

I guess that just isn’t how moving things are.

You cannot forever keep a firefly in a jar.

This means feelings and thoughts are alive in a way.

Finding the love and meaning to them keeps me alive today.

As always sweet thing,

Love in. Love out.


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