A New Thought

Say I’m a bird. Say it!” -Allie

“…You’re a bird.” -Noah

“Now say you’re a bird too!” -Allie

“If you’re a bird…I’m a bird.” -Noah

*scene from The Notebook. A movie based off the literary romantic drama by author Nicolas Sparks.*

I have heard- no thought is truly original if you scale it out to a large populous. What makes something “new” and “original” often times is an experience between the thought and the subject having it for “their” first time.

Maybe someone else, (or 500,000,000 “someone elses”) have had this thought before. But it was new for me. And when I had it, I felt like it helped me have more compassion, perspective, and curiosity for humanity. Which means, I definitely think it is worth putting out there.

Curious Aubrey brain that sparked this thought train went something like:

How many different types of birds are there? How many species? Maybe that is how humans are? Maybe there are humans who are more like penguins, and humans who are more like parakeets? Maybe some humans are great big cranes, and others are little hummingbirds? Maybe some humans are more rooster, while others are eagles?

We call all of these animals- Bird. We say things that unite them. Things like; They all bleed. The way they reproduce. Certain physical features. Evolutionary genealogy….etc. and if it ticks enough boxes… we can say with confidence: That is a bird. That is not a bird.

We study the different types of birds. We learn about them with onlooker curiosity. We see what value they bring. We watch them battle to survive elements, prey, hardships. Ultimately we accept as fact that although all lumped in the “bird group” they all are so very different from each other as well. Which is how we came up with different “types of birds.”

I’m careful to stretch this analogy too far and lose impact. So I’ll leave this thought here.

Maybe humans truly have different “species of human” just like Birds do?

That was the new thought. Maybe everyone’s had it already. Maybe it isn’t as original as it FELT when I thought it. But just in case.

Love in.

Love out sweet thing. 😉


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