You say toe-(may)-toe, I say…

We’re all made of the same parts as everyone else, organized in a unique way. No two alike.”
― Emily Nagoski, Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life

*Warning* at the bottom of this post I’m going to give you a visual that changed my paradigm of understanding female and male anatomy. It is “cartoon drawn” and doesn’t compromise any website standards but (just in case.) I thought it would be wise of me to warn those who weren’t thinking they were going to read about penis and clitoris anatomy when they opened a blog that looked like it was going to be about produce or pronunciation.

Now you can’t tell me you’ve been mislead. Lets begin.

There is SO MUCH information accessible at our fingertips everyday. It is one of my absolute favorite things about being alive in 2022. *doordash is another*

I’ve said before that I’m endlessly curious. Especially about what makes a human. Sex is a major component to any animal species. Why wouldn’t it be major for us humans as well?

Spoiler alert. It is.

In fact, let’s do a “stimulation” word response test really quick. You just do this alone right now as you read. Check after each word what your body does in response to the word. It will tell you a lot. The body doesn’t lie.

Words like: Sex, Orgasm, Clitoris, Gender, Sexuality, LGBTQIA+, Penis, Vulva…

Did any or most of these words evoke a lot of feelings inside of you? Why? (Something to think about)

If you’ve had your eyes open for the last decade you’ll see how much more visibility marginalized humans have been getting. This is a good thing. Shedding light where there was darkness brings more understanding, education, opportunity for compassion and growth. I know it sure does for me.

I validate and celebrate the differences in body parts and their functions. I sympathize and love those who feel misplaced in their body and soul (to whatever extent that may be.) I accept and love those who have preference to certain body parts, or genders over others. I understand those who are still learning, and feel as if some identifiers are still too limiting for their complex, nuanced and evolutionary view of self.

With that said…

Do you actually know what the clitoris gland looks like? What about the multiple glands on a penis? Did you know about the differences between certain places on a penis? If you didn’t. I think you’re going to be fascinated by this. I know I was.

I’m so grateful for science, and data, and technology where information like this graphic below is accessible so easily. As A brave young woman Malala Yousafzai wrote- while recanting the harrowing tale of her survival from taliban attack (in large part) because she was a girl in pursuit of more knowledge:

“Education is education. We should learn everything and then choose which path to follow.” Education is neither Eastern nor Western, it is human.

It also has been widely said in many different iterations that us humans are more alike than we are different. This set of graphics is more anatomical proof of that argument. I find it absolutely fascinating.

Notice how “similar” these sex organs are. Just organized in different ways.

If this sparked your interest and you would like to learn more. Here are some resources to get started 🙂


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