There are many things we “want”. There are much fewer things we “yearn” for.
-Martha Beck

I have been thinking about what I “yearn” for actively for quite some time now. My list is not fully complete because I am not fully complete.

Yearning is NOT Wanting.

Yearning is the heart that beats. Wanting is the blood cycling through the heart. Yearning is the core of the Earth. Wanting is the outer, ever changing layer.

Yearning happens when I don’t think about it. Yearning talks to me even when I don’t want to listen to it. Yearning withstands every season of life. Yearning remains consistent while I have tested out various versions of myself in hopes of finding all the “its.” Yearning doesn’t leave you alone. Yearning sounds simple. Yearning is deep.

Finding out what I truly “yearn” for rather than just “want”… and then consciously questing for it has changed my life each time I’ve done it. Almost instantly.

Finding what I “yearn” for is finding a pure form of truth. The way I discover what my yearnings are, almost always comes in loving clues and hints over the course of much time. It collects. When I’ve found a yearning, it’s almost so obvious I don’t know if I ought to laugh, cry, be mad, elated… or all four. Usually it’s all four until elation and laughter is left. When I’ve found out something I truly “yearn” for, I am following the most true and beautiful life I could imagine for myself.

The “yearning” belongs to each person. Everyone has different specific flavors of things they “yearn” for. Most will revolve around these 4 main ingredients.

-What brings you Peace?

-What brings you Joy?

-What brings you Love?

-What brings you Hope?

If you don’t know what you “yearn” for? Give it time. It will get worse and then you wont be able to hold on to the things that don’t fulfill your yearnings. Your soul will never give up on them. At least this has been true for me.

“The struggle itself alone is enough to fill the heart.” -Albert Camus

Something’s I’ve been purposefully “struggling” with, that are working for me are:

1) Try new things. *easiest one*

2) Break down your thoughts. (Get to know your mind. Minds are snazzy creatures. Most are constantly running. Even on sleep mode.) *most eye opening one*

3) Break down your feelings. (Get to know your emotions, name em, let them have a safe place to visit inside of you) *most relieving one*

4) Question Question Question. Search Search Search. Read Read Read. *my favorite one*

5) Connect with that inner child of yours (become best friends.) *most rewarding one*

6) Challenge your beliefs. (The ones you’ve bought into, the ones you were programmed with because of your location, status, race, age, gender, culture, religion.) *hardest one*

But those are just a few “tips” to get you closer to yourself. The closer you get to your most true and beautiful life. The most you will feel joy, peace, love and hope along the quest.

Quest on sweet thing,

Love in.

Love out.


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