A Poem: “Captivated“

“The word is the most powerful tool you have as a human; it is the tool of magic. But like a sword with two edges, your word can create the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you. One edge is the misuse of the word, which creates a living hell.”
― Miguel Ruiz

I am a captor. Words my captive.

Yet they captivate me when gathered just right.

I am a prisoner to their pacing.

Pivoted by their prose.

There are many ways to my affection-

Avenues to my soul.

But my love of words in motion,

is where I lack self control.

I love before choosing, subconscious accepts.

Then conscious breaks them down, and tries to reflect.

What is it about silly letters, making words that have meaning,

That causes my being to light up with such feeling?

Alas, I am like a crosslegged, captivated child…

To the thing that differentiates “the human” from “the wild.”

I capture the words, as they capture me.

It is pure symbiosis, to the enth degree.

Love in.

Love out.


“I like you; your eyes are full of language.”

[Letter to Anne Clarke, July 3, 1964.]”
― Anne Sexton

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