A Poem: “The Void”

In the void I was never really lost.

I thought I was, and I was right.

I still was.

Was, but not lost.

In between “founds”

There is a stillness in the void.

A quiet, beyond quiet.

An absence, full of density.

A darkness felt, not seen.

Voids are everywhere.

They are the in between.




The G A P


It is the ________ between notes

That makes music more than


It’s the void.

That opens space for Love.

The void is not lacking.

It just is.

Without the void.

Nothing could be found.

Because it would always just be.

I feel voids in parts of me.

I will lean into the beauty, stillness and quiet of the void.

I will smile, having become friends with the void.

When Love comes and adds more light to the void I will say:

“There you are. We have been waiting.”

Void or filled.

I can love.

Void or filled.

I remain.

Void or filled.


Love in.

Love out.


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