Basehits and Homeruns

“Writing is easy. You just open a vein, and bleed.”
— Emily Dickinson

Fun fact: Statistically my “best performing” articles, are NOT my personal favorite ones. Interesting.

Ex: I got a notification today on my phone that said: “Congratulations on reaching the 5K milestone in viewers on your blog!

5K? Taking the time to read? Holy cow. That’s REALLY cool!

Considering there are approx 7.8 Billion people on the planet, (assuming half of those have the internet.) I’m not getting a big head about it…

It “is” a personal milestone for me though.

I shared two very personal things about myself (in fragments) publicly over the last 7 days and then gained a 450% increase in readers.

The part that mattered to me the most was that 76% read the articles all the way through. *Thank you so much*

So now what?

What comes after a statistical increase like that?

I’m reminded of something I learned when I played softball for an all star team at 16.
(Don’t get too impressed) I was the benchwarmer and moral support to a team of ridiculously talented and skilled athletes for a summer in California.
*I’m talking full ride scholarships to top D1, national championship schools type of athletes.*

I learned SO much from that summer away from home/Texas. I lived with my coach. She was a former multiple gold medalist winning Olympian. What a home to live in for a summer!

I’m almost positive she let me come live with her because I was really good with kids (she had two young ones) and REALLY had the heart and enthusiasm for the game she wanted to rub off on the players… just not the talent yet.

But I benefited in so many ways. I got to practice with those girls who I would in years to come cheer for on ESPN as they made sliding catches, and incredible wins. I got to be coached by those coaches, those who helped run corporations like Easton Sports, and Under Armor.

I was surrounded by hard working, disciplined, confident, winners.

These girls actually hit homeruns! *an extremely rare occurrence (almost fluke) for the small town Texas team I came from*

Not only did they hit homeruns, they almost expected them.

As we traveled the across the United States competing in tournament after tournament, I was wide eyed while learning from the bench.
The principles I acquired would carry over to so many other facets of my life.

The homeruns were WILDLY exciting! They always were! (For everyone except the opposing team at least.)
but what about that follow up hitter? The one who has to stand up to home plate after the bases were just cleared, the roar of the crowd had subsided, and the emotions of the other team were now more vengeful and ready to be done with that inning… What then?

“Hit a good one!” Coach would yell.

Thats it? ‘Hit a good one?” Seriously?

What did she mean? Hit a good pitch? Hit a good hit? It only takes one? Hit the ball at least? Swing? Remember your form? You know how to do this. I have confidence in you. Don’t think too much? Just do your job. Don’t hit a bad one?


THAT is how I plan to follow ANY sort of “increase in stats” notifications on my email. *a homerun for a writer*
That is how I plan to keep the integrity and honesty of this platform.

“Just hit a good one” next Aubrey.
Swing hard, (go for it) but be smart.
Hit a good one.

You don’t abandon form and discipline just because you want the rush of a home run again? You don’t skip practice and keep yourself well rounded in other aspects of the game of life. “Homeruns” are fun, but they are just a part of the whole game.

I “love” the whole game.

Everyday ideas come into my mind to write about. Like pitches being thrown to me.
No literally. Every damn day lol

Another reason why I’ve been writing in private my whole “literate life.”

Do I swing? Do I wait for the juicy one? Do I go for the easy lob? Where do I want to hit the ball to? Maybe I’ll strike out? Maybe I’ll hit more home runs? Maybe just a base hit?

All I know is that I just wanna keep practicing, playing and improving.

That matters more.

Thank YOU for showing up.
I so love you for it.

Be kind to yourselves if you’ve struck out in life lately. I have struck out SO many times. Hell, I’ve been too injured to play the game of life at some seasons, and I suffered from it.

Today, in some way or other… maybe we can just try and “Hit a good one.” Whatever that means for your capacity sweet thing.

Love in.

Love out.


2 thoughts on “Basehits and Homeruns

  1. Soon.
    Soon you’ll be “discovered” by so many people that you humanly wont have the time to read or “like” all of the responses.
    I’m glad I found your blog early and have had the privilege of getting a response from you on how your entries have affected me.
    Maybe, in the future, you’ll come upon one of my comments as I continue to enjoy your talented writing and engaging mind, and you’ll respond with a “like”.
    It appears you have much to say up in your curious mind, and we (if I may speak for some of your fans) look forward to reading it.
    Love will guide you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d love to connect with you via email ❤️


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