A Poem: “Truth”

I told the truth I swear I did!

But the truth is different now than when I was a kid

I thought that truth was absolute

Until that one truth got the boot

Why did I first conflate the two-

That to be sure, it must be true.

When what is sure after all “I” see-

Is that what is true to you, is not to me.

Then how can we agree upon what is true?

What is a curious mind to do?

My guess is to start with the very small:

Like how water and air is a need for us all.

It seems love also is a main desire…

I wont name everything that all humans require.

So maybe the issue is not with the truth.

Maybe it’s with the words that we use?

For example:

If reality is “what we know from the past.”

And truth is speaking reality… well then that changes fast.

It seems that truth like time keeps moving,

So truth (like us,) can keep improving.

The notion that we can evolve,

Means it might be best, to love the quest

not just problems to solve.

Making each day a new venture to find-

A “truer true,” for heart and mind.

A few truths seem to be more stable.

Not changing much, (although still able.)

Like mountain rock with all of its sediment.

But not all elements are this “sure.”

There in lies our impediment.

Humans want it all to be so sure, but life teaches that’s not consistent.

Why then are we so damn resistant!

To love what “is” in all its forms.

They will take on so many… “I’m sure” 😉

I’ll help you have an important foundation.

This line is true for every nation.

Weather changes. On its own.

So can minds. And so can stone.

So socrates might have been right…

who really “knows”… I dont mean to sound trite

Just illustrating the great debate

Between two sides of an arguments fate

Is it true? How can I know?

What would my life feel like if I let go?

To what I thought originally fit.

Well… I just don’t know a single bit.

And maybe that is how we fall.

In love with the weather, in its all in all.

Instead of sides we see the whole

An ever changing evolution to witness, not control.

2 thoughts on “A Poem: “Truth”

  1. In Bible study tonight I heard this:
    “Never believe half of what you think.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh! Yes!!! Thank you “Pai” it’s been awhile! 🙂


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