(A Real Journal Entry Sample)

This reading will not be the same as ones you’ve seen before. This is an example of some of the “free writing” I will do in my notes when things are on my mind and I need to get them out “journal entry style”

I only edited misspelling, and omitted a detailed story that had names in it *out of respect of the persons involved*.

Otherwise. This is kind of what my journal looks like 50% of the time.

*The other 50% of my journaling is dedicated to brain DUMPING, ideas, doodles and detailed updates or story telling*

I once heard in a religious sermon a story of the London Subway system. On the platform it reads:
“Mind the gap”

Notice the verb choice here. Interesting.

Not “fill the gap”
Not “fix the gap”
“MIND” the gap.

Notice it. Respect it.

If youre going to fill it. Be careful what you fill it with. Why you are filling it? If it should even be filled at all.

A gap in the foundation of a home. FILL.

A gap between the subway platform and train? DONT FILL. The subway will not run if rubbing against a wall. The gap has a purpose.

Some gaps do.

Not all.


I have a big gap of “lacking in help” to raise my children. I am a single mom. I could USE help.

This makes dating dangerous for me right now.

I’m often burnt out. I am looking for help. This makes partnership tricky.

I want an Abby Wambach for my Glennon(ish) ways. I want a helper and giver. I want a happy partner who laughs and dances and plays. I want someone gentle and sweet. I want someone I respect and admire so much….
I want I want I want… etc etc etc. *bleh*

But then I remember reality. I’m not Glennon. I’m Aubrey.
I think it would be wise for me to keep being Aubrey longer and see how that moves, changes and “settles” before I keep idealizing some “Abby” out there for me.

Sometimes life is supposed to have gaps in it. Places where things are not filled.
I have a lot of these right now. Sometimes it feels like “too many.”

They “do” take up a lot of my mind.
But the saying does go: “Mind the gap.”
Maybe that is for a reason? I’m definitely “minding” it.

Love in.

Love out.


P.s. I “FEEL” this video. Do you? 👇 *click link*


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