A Poem: “Your Eyes”

Your eyes.

The white is both canvas and parchment

That give unlimited possibilities for art.

The inside ring contains the colors of outside.

They add hue and dimension to my life’s painting.

The center is the ink well I dip my quill in-

To write the stories for all to read.

When I say “I love your eyes”

I mean it.

They are two planets that connect me to the galaxy of your soul.

They are the doorway to your mansion of emotions

Glistening hints to your heart…

I want to see myself in your eyes.

Your eyes.

Love in.

Love out.


4 thoughts on “A Poem: “Your Eyes”

  1. Beautiful, critical, fragile.
    Like gossamer threads intricately woven into the butterfly wings in the chrysalis.
    Like the instant moments pieced together that create the threads and fibers tying our lives together.
    Amazing, fulfilling, devastating.
    When trauma weakens the weave.
    When abuse breaks the fibers.
    Tears are shed then, now, and forever.
    What beauty was, is not, but might have been.
    Yes, I cry.
    But not always.
    For gossamer is created with each unit of time we are given.
    Weave on.


    1. Pai! Did you write this!?!
      I want to be friends with you in real life! It was gorgeous!


      1. Yep.
        I’ve been thinking about it.
        This was a first run.

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