A Poem: “Time”

Stages, Phases, Seasons, Periods, Chapters, Parts, Moments…

They are ways we organize our lives.

They affect everything, and everyone.

They attempt to contain what is invisible.

They represent something you cannot hold

Which is?



We don’t control it.

We don’t know how much is left.

We cannot see ahead of where we are currently at. (Although we try)

We spend so much of our present affected by all these-

Stages, Phases, Seasons, Periods, Chapters, Parts, Moments…

If I could implant perspective to everyone.

It would be-

You do not “have” time.

Because it just “is”

You have choices during “your” time period.


For the stage you’re experiencing- Learn everything you can about it.

For the phase you’re experiencing- Radical Acceptance.

For the season you’re experiencing- Weather changes.

For the period you’re experiencing- What is your stance on events and policies that will be tomorrows history?

For the chapter you’re experiencing- What nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives (etc) are creating the sentences with you?

For the part you’re experiencing- Does it represent the truest you?

For the moments you’re experiencing- BE there. It’s all you ever are anyway.


And I’m so glad you are here.

I am too.

For now.

We both ARE.

That is. What “is”

Everything else is the future. Or past.

It all matters.

Because it “is.”

And it is?


Love in.

Love out.


1 thought on “A Poem: “Time”

  1. Time – unit of measure waiting for your next post. Lol

    I’m not going through time. It’s going through me, and changes me in the process.

    God gave us time because we wouldn’t understand anything if it all happened at once.

    I appreciate your thoughts expressed in your post.


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