A poem for my daughter: “Lily”

I have this kid, who I’ve been told… is a lot like me.

I know what people are trying to say… let me tell you what “I” see.

She is bold, she is brave, she is smart, she is witty.

She is soft, she is watching, she is kind, and SO freaking pretty.

She was born with a knowing and an inner “white hot” fire.

If she wants it, and she’ll want it, she will get her hearts desires.

She’s quick to give a hug, or quick to join in a fight.

She has a strong sense of what is “wrong or right.”

She is not always loud, but when she want’s to be.

There is no other voice as crystal clear, no other soul as truly free.

She was born with raw talent, and a need to express her heart.

She lives with her inside out, so what you see, are her truest parts.

She is power, she is comfort, she is love and she is alive.

You can see it in her “bright” big eyes- that so much is going on inside.

The only thing stronger than her will.

Is the ability she has to feel.

She intimidates me in a way, that makes me face myself.

The parts I was told to quiet down, I’ve hidden on the back shelf.

If I want to love and empathize and parent how she deserves.

I have to face all of my ish, and use energy reserves.

To say we’re similar might just be the most humbling thing I could hear.

Because when I look at my beautiful girl. I don’t think anyone compares.

1 thought on “A poem for my daughter: “Lily”

  1. Mother – daughter is such a beautiful relationship. I can see that you really work at it.


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